Everything you need to know about Inkjet Coder

Everything you need to know about Inkjet Coder

In any production line, especially food production, small machines such as ink coder serve an important role. This machine allows you to print the date on products such as bottles. As you are aware, any food product sold should have a date of manufacture and expiry date, this machine usually come in handy. Some of the ink coders feature ICJ technology including the single nozzle technology that enables printing of every detail on various products.

Features of the inkjet coder

  •    Striking jet printing- this allows printing of date on bottles, cap or label surface.
  •    Less requirements-the requirements for jet printing is low and can be used in any surface including the non-planar or rough.
  •    The distance between the product and nozzle is about 20mm and should have a small range though this does not have an impact on code representation.
  •    Some support different ink colors, and you can choose the one that best suits you depending on the color of your product.
  •    It has high printing speed thus ideal for printing bottles in water bottling line featuring high speed.
  •    The head of the inkjet coder is relatively small and flexible. This allows you to print date in any angle.

The nozzle of inkjet coder is usually very small and prints characters that are fast drying. Dilution is done according to the type of ink.

Merits of an Inkjet coder

There are numerous reasons why an organization should buy an inkjet coder. Here are some basic advantages and favorable circumstances of picking this vital machine:

Cost: Inkjet coder, cartridges, and the related supplies are all the more broadly accessible and thusly less expensive than other printing options.

Picture quality: Even low-end inkjet coders can create quality images when used.

 Demerits of inkjet coder

Inkjet printers aren’t without downsides and burdens. Here are some of the disadvantages:

Image sturdiness: Ink-based pictures may stain, smear, and fade out when presented to moisture, daylight, stickiness, and regular use.

Moving parts: Inkjet coders commonly operate with more moving parts than thermal printers. This increases the chance of breakdowns, and you may require repair or replacements.

Reliability: labels, stickers, and other printouts may tear and peel off when used for a long period.

Depending on your production line, you should get an inkjet coder that can accomplish the required task in time. Some industries like water bottling plant require a fast speed coder for printing.

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